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360 Plasma Ball

360 Plasma Ball

Item # pla-900
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The BEST Plasma Ball Available! This 360 degrees lightning ball is full of cool and electrifying energy! The Plasma Ball 360 globe has a protective hand blown glass around it which holds the beautiful display of dancing and shooting plasma rods.


Touch it and watch the glowing bolts of light follow your every move. Viewable from every angle, with the lights on or off, watch this out of this world science light show. Turn yourself into a human light-bulb and light up a fluorescent bulb! Read the details and watch the video for this incredible lightning ball science experiment below!


What you'll get:

  • 360 Degrees 8" Plasma Ball Globe
  • AC Adapter  


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Touch the 360 Plasma Ball with one finger or hand while standing on a chair, then hold a fluorescent bulb in the other hand and watch it light up!!! Make sure you don't touch the ends of the bulb because it  heats up! Also, be careful not to break the glass on the plasma ball. The reason this happens is because the electrons pass through you and since you're not on the ground, the electrons don't pass through you, but rather fills you up.
  • This is a miniature tesla coil. Learn about the electrons that are passing through and oscillating at a high frequency. This causes the atoms to shake off their electrons which is the plasma light you see dancing around the sphere.
  • Discuss Plasma and Gas Discharge.


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