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Amazing Spheres
Amazing SpheresAmazing Spheres

Amazing Spheres

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Amazing Spheres are truly amazing! You get colorful AND clear spheres with this kit. Place the clear tiny beads in water and watch as the expand into huge slippery bouncy clear marble balls. They look invisible in water so this can be a great trick and science experiment! Use the included colored spheres and watch as the tiny colorful beads grow into colorful marble sized spheres. Use the included giant test tube and just add water! Observe as the once tiny beads grow into an incredible amount of colorful round and slippery "marbles". But that's not all! Roll 'em, mix 'em, squish 'em, throw 'em even bounce 'em! An incredibly cool science transformation and science lesson on absorption of water and superabsorbent polymers.
(Ages 4+)


What you'll get:

  • 1 Giant Test Tube.
  • Tiny colorful beads (which transform into the marbles).
  • Clear beads which expand and become invisible when you add water.


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Learn about the incredible properties of polymers as you grow the "marbles".
  • Discuss hydrophilic properties and superabsorbent polymers.
  • Dry the "marbles" and determine how fast evaporation will take place and then start the process again. Hypothesize what will happen to the orbs once the water evaporates from them.
  • Discuss color, light and classification and how these water hungry crystals can play a huge part in helping our environment.
  • Find a water-safe surface and play the slimiest game of marbles in town, or try out your new jelly bouncy ball. You can even try to grow your amazing spheres in different liquids, like milk, vegetable oil, or salt water. Use a notebook and record your hypotheses and observations!
  • With this kit you will:

    • Sort, hypothesize, and test, just like a real scientist.

    • Add water and watch your beads grow into giant jelly marbles that BOUNCE.

    • Learn about the amazing superabsorbent polymer.

    • Use physics magic to make the clear spheres disappear and reappear.

    Science Principles explored in this activity: chemistry, applied chemistry, physics
    This is a great kit for teaching science principles and skills to young scientists. The fun, colorful experiments capture the attention of the youngest science explorers, and children gain confidence, observational skills and the ability to follow-through with tasks as they set up experiments, wait for them to be completed, and record their experience by writing or drawing.

    You can easily incorporate the scientific method to principles learned by experimenting with your Clear Spheres. Be sure to act as a learning facilitator: encourage questions, and don’t have all of the answers. Instead say things like, “I’m not sure what will happen—let’s try it and see!” Amazing spheres are safe to poke, prod, pinch, or squeeze through your fingers.

    As a possible choking hazard, keep them away from pets and babies. Experiment components can be disposed of in the garbage either dry or hydrated (just don’t push them down the drain or they’ll wreak hydrated havoc on your pipes.) Be sure to set up your young scientist’s laboratory in a place that won’t be threatened by a little (inevitable) spilled water—after all, the mess is half the fun! The other half is the incredible science smarts, so have fun exploring.

    Superabsorbent polymers are an amazing family of molecules that scientists use every day to do research, prevent drought, and solve crimes. Parents use a very similar molecule every day to keep baby bottoms dry (that's right--superabsorbent polymers are what make disposable baby diapers work!)

    With your adult assistant's help, you can use amazing spheres to perform other science experiments. What experiments can you think of to try? Do you think amazing spheres will absorb other liquids besides water? Try it and see! You can also perform “magic” tricks as you “bend light” to make your clear spheres disappear and reappear.

    Amaze your parents and impress your friends--impress them even more with your science smarts! Your giant test tube can be used again and again for nearly any experiment you can imagine. So what are you waiting for? Start discovering!


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