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Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit

Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit

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Illuminate the night and enjoy this very cool science and chemistry experiment. Create a bright blue light, make pennies glow and other incredibly cool experiments! Have fun while learning all about chemiluminescence in the process. Comes with many different cool and fun experiments to try. 
(Ages 10+ with Adult Supervision) 


What you'll get:

  • Stirrers, scoop, spoon, cups and instructions.. Contains luminol mixture (5g), perborate mixture (5 g), copper sulfate (2 g), pipet, materials that will give you many uses and many cool blue lights. 


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Chemiluminescence -  or "light from a chemical reaction", has never been this cool and fun. Explore and experiment to create your own cool blue light. Learn what makes fireflies glow, make bleach glow bright and more!
  • Bioluminescence - the light given off by a living organism can lead to many interesting and exciting science projects and discussions such as how do fireflies get their light and what are its benefits? Do other animals give off light and why?


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