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Fiber Optics Lab
Fiber Optics LabFiber Optics Lab

Fiber Optics Lab

Item # fib-140
Reg. Price: $19.99

Our Price: $16.95


The Fiber Optics Lab from Smartlab gives you an exciting and fun way to dive right into the world of fiber optics. You'll be building and powering 10 high-tech projects! Build a remote light detector, an electronic rooster, a burglar alarm, a flexible flashlight and more! Learn all about light and how it's formed, transmitted, received and ultimately turned into an electrical signal. How are transistors just like your regular old bathroom faucet? How does persistence of vision help you enjoy watching TV? What do robotics and car design have in common with sending an e-mail or surfing the internet? You'll find the answers to all that and more in this great science kit.

Get the LED out! Ever wondered if the light in the fridge stays on when you close the door? Fiber optics, and author Jim Becker, can help you find out. It may sound like super-complicated technology, but the basics of fiber optics are simple. So embrace the capacity for fun and answer that age-old refrigerator questions once and for all.

 Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award


What you'll get:

  • Two pre-assembled workbenches (transmitter and receiver)
  • Three optical fiber rods and a connector
  • 26 hookup wires
  • 2 LED couplers
  • 12 activity cards
  • 12-panel fully illustrated booklet


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Learn all about light and fiber optics technology.
  • Get hands-on experience with electrical signals and the high-tech world.
  • Enjoy awesome science facts, riddles and activities with the full color booklet and cards.


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