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Fountain Connection

Fountain Connection

Item # fou-450
Reg. Price: $7.50

Our Price: $5.99




This Fountain Connection will defy logic and the laws of nature! Connect tow 2-Liter bottles, (one filled 1/2 way with water). Turn upside down and watch as air lifts the water up higher than its original and creates an amazing fountain.

Two-liter bottles not included.


What you'll get:

  • Fountain Connector.
  • 2 Tubes.
  • Detailed instructions and science experiment ideas.


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • When the bottles are inverted, gravity pulls the water from the upper bottle down through the lower tube and compresses the air in the lower bottle. When water leaves the upper bottle, a decrease in pressure, or partial vacuum, is formed. Air is then forced from the lower bottle, up the fountain tube, and takes the place of the water as it leaves the upper bottle.
  • Learn about gravity, air pressure, vacuums and compression.


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