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Fun Fly Stick Science Kit

Fun Fly Stick Science Kit

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If you like making object float in mid air then this kit is for you! Be amazed with the most comprehensive static electricity science kit ever created. The world's first portable Van De Graff generator or otherwise known as "The Fun Fly Stick" comes with a detailed experiment and explanation guide, 10 mylar levitation shapes and a 25 piece experiment kit. This is a must have for any science teacher and student looking to amaze their friends. Makes an excellent science fair project.


THIS IS THE BRAND NEW VERSION! Now comes with a transparent stick so you can see the inner working of this incredible portable Van De Graff generator!


Experiments include, bending a thin stream of water, moving a conductive cylinder, "electric wind", an ion motor, powering a neon lamp, electrostatic adhesion, flying saucers, an electrostatic motor, the electrostatic drummer, induction, the Leyden Jar, levitation of various shapes and more! If you want just the fun fly stick and floating shapes but not this version that also has the 25 piece experiment kit check out the basic Fun Fly Stick.


Note: People with pacemakers should avoid using the Fun Fly Stick due to the high voltage being produced.


What you'll get:

  • 1 Transparent Portable Van de Graaff Generator (Fun-Fly-Stick)
  • 1 Illustrated, Detailed Experiment Guide
  • 1 Neon Lamp Bulb
  • 1 Plastic Pin Holder
  • 1 Plastic Film with Foil Strips
  • 2 Metal Plates
  • 2 Rubber Bands
  • 2 Large Sphere Mylar Flyers
  • 4 Medium Sphere Mylar Flyers
  • 1 Large Ring Mylar Flyer
  • 1 Medium Ring Mylar Flyer
  • 2 Hourglass Shape Mylar Flyer
  • 1 Storage Folder for Mylar Flyer
  • 1 Plastic Support Base with Slits
  • 1 Paper Covered Plastic Cylinder
  • 6 Small Aluminum Cupcake Pans
  • 1 Bead of Short Fishing Line
  • 1 Bead of Long Fishing Line
  • 2 Short Straight Pin
  • 1 Tinsel Tassel
  • 1 Pin-Hanger
  • 1 Z-Spinner
  • 1 Polybag
  • 1 Small Paper Poster
  • 1 Plastic Film


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Static Electricity! The Funfly stick Science Kit makes for an INCREDIBLE lesson on electrostatic charges
  • Gravity and anti-gravity.
  • Robert Van De Graaff and his invented generator.
  • Charge Repulsion, Induction, Levitation, Fun of Physics


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