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Gyro Ring PRO
Gyro Ring PROGyro Ring PRO

Gyro Ring PRO

Item # gyr-675
Reg. Price: $12.99

Our Price: $9.99




Spin the Gyro-Ring® and watch the lightning fast brass discs spin around faster and faster up to 1000 RPM! As you rotate the ring vertically, the rings spin horizontally. Watch kinetic energy in action. This incredible high performance gyroscopic motion experiment will be hard to put down once you start. As the large rings rub against the smaller rings, energy is transferred which keeps the rings spinning. Throw it up in the air or to someone else and watch as the rings keep on spinning! Practice to become an expert of the high performance tricks and challenging stunts.

 What you'll get:

  • One High Performance Gyro-Ring® PRO with 5 brass rings.


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • A lesson in rotation and precession (the rotation of a spin on its axis).
  • Discuss potential and kinetic energy and determine at what points is there the most potential energy and at what point is the most kinetic energy.

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