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Illusion Science
Illusion ScienceIllusion Science

Illusion Science

Item # ils-500
Reg. Price: $12.95

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Experiment with over 20 optic activities and learn the scientific explanations behind them. Challenge your eyes with the classic illusions tricks card, experience the swirling illusions produced by illusion spinner, view and create 3D pictures and much more! All packed in a neat hand carry pouch bag, it's a cool science kit which will bring hours of educational fun.


What you'll get:

  • 1 set of illusion tricks card of up to more than 15 illusion tricks.
  • 1 set of spinning tops card with 4 spinning illusion cards.
  • 3D picture cards.
  • 1 stencil and 2 markers for making simple 3D pictures.
  • 1 3D glass.
  • 1 pouch bag.
  • Detailed instruction with fun explanation of each optic activities.


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Learn the scientific explanations behind the illusions with the included guide.
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