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Kaleidoscope Making Kit
Kaleidoscope Making KitKaleidoscope Making KitKaleidoscope Making Kit

Kaleidoscope Making Kit

Item # kmk-400
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Ready for takeoff! This unique science kit entertains and educates as you discover how spinning motors and plastic discs are used to launch a paper plane at up to 30 mph! (50 km/h). Makes a great science fair project! Which type of paper airplane flies better and why? You build the launcher from the provided materials. This kit is perfect for exploring flight, air pressure and aerodynamics, Bernoulli's principle, paper plane designs and more! Adult supervision recommended for kids under 14.


This kit was thoroughly researched and designed at Middlesex University by science specialists who teach teachers. Middlesex has worked in partnership with the BBC, National Museums, and visitor centers throughout the world to create science kits that both entertains and educates. These kits encourage young people to stretch their skills and thinking.


What you'll get:

  • The electric plane launcher kit contains, base plate with guide, plastic discs with pulley, battery box, long screw, terminal block, plastic suction cups, motors, plastic rings (grommet), connecting sleeves x 4, nuts, wire and screw driver.
  • Full Instructions.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries. Not included.


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Explore flight and learn about paper plane designs.
  • Hands-on experimentation with bernoulli's principle. Alter the plane and determine which paper airplane flies best and why.
  • Discuss air pressure, aerodymanics, gravity and friction as you determine the variables that affect flight.


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