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Levitating Waters

Levitating Waters

Item # lev-980
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Levitating Waters is a Magical Work of Art that Appears to Defy Gravity!

Can You Imagine a kinetic work of art that becomes the center of attention in any room of your home or office?

Can You Imagine watching water droplets that appear to levitate upward while your mind tells you it's impossible?

Can You Imagine placing a glass under the water and watching the droplets fill the glass - but at the same time the droplets appear to levitate out of the glass?

Your mind tells you that it's impossible. In fact, everyone will think the same - you cannot defy gravity - but this kinetic work of art seems to be doing just that!

With Levitating Waters, not only can you control the levitation and speed of the water droplets, you can also suspend them in mid-air or create a mesmerizing effect of droplets flowing slowly downward, barely moving.

Or, if you prefer, switch to Demo Mode and let Levitating Waters entertain you. It's unbelievable!

  • This Beautiful Work of Art will Enhance Any Home or Office
  • Appears to Make Water Defy Gravity
  • You Control the Speed and Direction of the Water Flow
  • Create the Effect of Water Flowing Upward
  • Suspend Water Droplets in Mid Air
  • Uses Ordinary Water



What You Get:

  • Levitating Waters.


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Discuss optical illusions and how certain factors affect the appearance of things.
  • Learn how our eyes can trick us and that by altering certain factors, you can seemingly trick your mind into seeing things suspended in mid-air.
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