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Magic Crystal Garden
Magic Crystal GardenMagic Crystal Garden

Magic Crystal Garden

Item # GAR-300
Reg. Price: $6.95

Our Price: $5.99


Magically grow your own snow mountain and crystal garden. A mountain surrounded by trees and flowers, becomes a magic garden, and it's all made from paper! It's truly incredible science at work! Assemble the cardboard mountain and garden into the base and just add the included special ingredient. The tree will get nourished from the special H20 and in a short time you'll have a beautiful scene of budding flowers, trees and a snow covered mountain! You can check on it every so often and see the process go from a a bare garden to a full fuzzy colorful garden. Read below for the science behind it!


*Takes approximately 1-2 days to fully grow*


What you'll get:

  • Magic Crystal Garden
  • Base
  • 1 Paper Mountain
  • 2 Paper Trees
  • Paper Grass and flowers


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Crystal Grow Trees cover topics on Crystallization, Solutions, Capillary forces, Chromatography and Evaporation!
  • As the magic liquid moves through the cardboard mountain and garden, it dissolves the salt which then forms into the beautiful colorful crystals once the water evaporates!
  • Hypothesize what the garden will look like once it's fully "grown" and how long it will take to finish growing.
  • Observe the changes in incremental intervals and jot down the rate of growth and create a chart.
  • Measure the amount of liquid it takes to fully nourish the garden...is there any left over? Would more liquid make it grow faster?


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