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Ooze - Gross Science Kit

Ooze - Gross Science Kit

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This jar comes packed with all kinds of ooey, gooey experiments that will take you into the fascinating realm of polymers in all of their forms. If you like science, slime and learning cool things then this is the kit for you! All product components are safe and non-toxic. Along the way, you’ll make some awesome science discoveries. Experiment with the science of bounce, and learn to make scientific calculations. You’ll amaze your parents and impress your friends! With the components of this kit you’ll be able to use the magic of polymers and super-absorbent science to:

Mix up a blob of slimy, red goo.

• Grow giant jelly crystals that look just like ice, and use them to hide or reveal a secret message.

• Grow big, colorful, squishy “fish eggs” and play the slimiest game of marbles in town.

• Add water to create an alien that grows and grows.

• Create your own bouncy ball that really works.

• Instantly turn water into a solid gel with the amazing slush powder.

• Make a blizzard of colored snow erupt in a cup.

And many more fun, fascinating, and truly amazing activities!

What you'll get:

  • Shaker cup & lid
  • Blue scoop
  • 2 oz. cup
  • Giant test tubes & lids
  • Colored snow
  • Colored round jelly beads
  • Bouncing ball powder & mold
  • Jelly ice
  • Slush powder
  • Ooze goo
  • Ooze activator
  • Colored gel crystals
  • Growing creature
  • Pipette
  • Petri dish
  • Giant jar with label & instructions

 Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Science Principles explored in this kit: chemistry, applied science, physics
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