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13 and up

Zero Blaster Fog Ring LauncherMore Info
Laser AirzookaMore Info
360 Plasma BallMore Info
Antworks Illuminated Ant Gel HabitatMore Info
RadiometerMore Info
String Thing with Black UV LightMore Info
Lumin Disk Plasma LightningMore Info
Pocket Laser Light ShowMore Info
MIGHTY Blaster Fog Ring LauncherMore Info
YUCK! Disgusting Science KitMore Info
Gyro Ring PROMore Info
Euler's DiskMore Info
Hand BoilerMore Info
Deluxe 3-D Mirascope Hologram IllusionMore Info
Electric Paper Plane LauncherMore Info
Big Bag of ScienceMore Info
Green Science Weather StationMore Info
Green Science Eco Science ToysMore Info
Laser TheaterMore Info
Glow ChemistryMore Info
Newton's CradleMore Info
Air Swimmers Shark RCMore Info
Ultimate Break Open Real Geodes KitMore Info
Kinetic Ferris WheelMore Info
Fun Fly Stick Science KitMore Info
million shapes rainbow ballMore Info
Galaxy Kinetic MotionMore Info
Levitron World StageMore Info
Theodore Gray's Element VaultMore Info
Ball Of WhacksMore Info
ReCon 6.0 Programmable RoverMore Info
Space Age Crystals - Grow 13 CrystalsMore Info
I Love you BeanMore Info
Happy Birthday BeanMore Info
Hoberman Sphere Original RainbowMore Info
Farmer's GardenMore Info
Culinary Herb GardenMore Info
Grow Hot Peppers KitMore Info
Grow Tasty TomatoesMore Info
Grow Your Own CoffeeMore Info
Grow Your Own StrawberriesMore Info
The Book of Totally Irresponsible ScienceMore Info
Instant Snow Big BagMore Info
World's Simplest MotorMore Info
Snap Circuits LightMore Info
Electronic AM Fm Radio KitMore Info
Perplexus Twist Ball MazeMore Info
Snap Circuits 300 ExperimentsMore Info
Snap Circuits GreenMore Info
Paper Making KitMore Info
Salt Water Fuel Cell CarMore Info
7 in 1 Solar TransformersMore Info
1 Large Quartz GeodeMore Info
Laser Stars LampMore Info
Crystal GrowingMore Info
Laser Fog Light ShowMore Info
Rock Candy Crystal Growing KitMore Info
Ice Cream BallMore Info
Climate and Weather SetMore Info
Selenite Tower with Rainbow LEDMore Info
Patriotic Colors Chemistry KitMore Info
Gallop Scanimation LampMore Info
Laser TwilightMore Info
The Book of Impossible ObjectsMore Info
Mythbusters Science Fair BookMore Info
Made By Dad: 67 Cool ProjectsMore Info
The Bones Book And SkeletonMore Info
The Book of Potentially Catastrophic ScienceMore Info
Solar System Visual Exploration BookMore Info
4D Great White SharkMore Info
Thinking Putty - Super Magnetic Tidal WaveMore Info
Crystal Caves Geode Growing KitMore Info
Crystal AnimatorMore Info
Chemistry C500 Experiment KitMore Info
Chemistry C1000 Experiment KitMore Info
Epic BubblesMore Info
Super Led Carnivorous CreaturesMore Info
Make Your Own Gummies KitMore Info
Clear Rainbow Insta WormsMore Info
Hotsnapz Heat DiscMore Info
Giant Newton's CradleMore Info
Laser Kaleidoscope PenMore Info
Tornado LampMore Info
Water Marbles Polymer BallsMore Info
Edible Water Ball MoldMore Info
HeliconeMore Info
More Info
Levitating WatersMore Info