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Cool SlimeMore Info
UV Solar Energy Experiments BeadsMore Info
Magic Science Wizards KitMore Info
Sci-Fi SlimeMore Info
Mentos Geyser Tube with Caps!More Info
Touchable BubblesMore Info
Insta WormsMore Info
Kaleidoscope Making KitMore Info
Multi Voice ChangerMore Info
Parachute BallMore Info
Volcano Making KitMore Info
Turbo Sparkler Yo-YoMore Info
Buzz WireMore Info
Spy ScienceMore Info
Science MagicMore Info
Kaleidoscopic Super Bright LED Light Up KaleidoscopeMore Info
Cyber Fire High Bounce Ball SetMore Info
Mine For Gems Digging KitMore Info
Extreme Secret Formula LabMore Info
Weird and Wacky Contraption Lab Marble RollerMore Info
Candy Kaleidoscope KitMore Info
Soda Car Geyser RacerMore Info
Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 Big BoxMore Info
Hoberman Switch Pitch BallMore Info
Super Silly Squares Polymer StackerMore Info
Top Secret TopMore Info
Antworks Colors of LifeMore Info
Levitron High FlyerMore Info
Magformers Carnival SetMore Info
Indoor-Outdoor MicroscopeMore Info
Hoberman Mini Sphere RainbowMore Info
Strange Plant CollectionMore Info
Thermodynamic Drinking BirdMore Info
Fun Slides Carpet SkatesMore Info
Mini Hour Glass Liquid TimerMore Info
Egg Drop ScienceMore Info
365 Simple Science ExperimentsMore Info
Magic Crystal GardenMore Info
Pop RocketzMore Info
Solar Frightened GrasshopperMore Info
Snap Circuits Jr 100 ExperimentsMore Info
Air Engine Car Helicopter and BookMore Info
Nerf Firevision FootballMore Info
Candy ChemistryMore Info
Solid WaterMore Info
Remote Control Machines Construction KitMore Info
Astrorox Astronaut Ice CreamMore Info
Spinsational AnimatorMore Info
Tasty ScienceMore Info
Pan For Gold KitMore Info
Glow in the Dark Spit Balls JUMBO PACKMore Info
Giant Growing Eyeball PolymerMore Info
2500 UV Solar Energy BeadsMore Info
Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 Mega StuntsMore Info
Bubble illusion SpinnerMore Info
Sour Candy FactoryMore Info
Bubble Gum FactoryMore Info
Miner's Gold Nugget GumMore Info
Candy Sand Art  LabMore Info
Kaboom Rocks CandyMore Info
Amusement Park ScienceMore Info
Wacky Weird Weather KitMore Info
Bouncing Bubble KitMore Info
Growing Sea HorsesMore Info
Grow Jumbo Dynamite DinosMore Info
Boom Splat Kablooey - Klutz BookMore Info
The Klutz Book of Paper AirplanesMore Info
Green Turtle 4D PuzzleMore Info
Bionic Ear Super HearingMore Info
Precision GyroscopeMore Info
Pulsar Powerballs Light Up Polymer BallMore Info
Wired ScienceMore Info
Light Crystal Prism 2.5"More Info
Magnetic LevitatorMore Info
Magformers Miracle Brain SetMore Info
Spinning Rainbow Light ShowMore Info
Remote Control RocketMore Info
Twister LightMore Info
Water Marbles BIG BAG Polymer BallsMore Info
Timmy BirdMore Info