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Chemistry Fun

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WOW Chemistry!

The color of a concoction, the power of a crystallization, and the mysteries of a bond can be just a few things you learn when you try out any of our chemistry experiments for kids. Designed to educate children on the fundamental principles of chemistry using kid-friendly concepts, our children's chemistry sets and chemistry experiments make every day an opportunity to learn something new and exciting about our world.


Take for instance our children's chemistry sets. Many of these chemistry experiments for kids include activities that explore science, not to mention, result in some pretty cool reactions. Our chemistry kits for kids explore the world of chemistry through hard rock candy, invisible ink, glowing slime, crystal art, and even an look at the color spectrum. Trust us – you never knew chemistry could be so interesting!


Let Incredible Science make chemistry experiments for kids possible at home or in the classroom with our selection of chemistry kits for kids.