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Crystal Kits & Geodes

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Growing crystals and geode breaking are fun, educational and really incredibly cool science activities. Just follow the simple instructions and you'll end up with a gorgeous crystal, geode or gem. If you ever wanted to know how to grow a crystal or geode, then our growing crystal kits for kids and adults will show you how. Grow beautiful crystals and see the cool geode colors. At Incredible Science, we carry a wide variety of  crystal growing and break open geode kits that really give you that great hands-on science experience with a gorgeous "prize" for your hard work. 

If our crystal kits and break open geode kits weren't enough, we also offer other incredible mine for gems kits, rock and mineral kits and even a glow rocks science kit. We are continually searching for the coolest and most incredible science products for kids and adults so check back often and thanks for visiting Incredible Science.com!