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Edible Science Kits

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Edible Science Experiments


Did you know that science can be both fun and delicious? It’s true! At Incredible Science, we carry a variety of edible science experiments for kids that not only make science concepts easier to explore, but also offer more fun, too! Taste something yummy as you learn about chemical reactions, space, and more with everything from astronaut ice cream sandwiches to candy kaleidoscope kits!


In our selection of edible science projects, you’ll find make your own candy kits, candy kaleidoscopes, astronaut ice cream, edible reaction kits, and so much more to make science more than just an exploration of specific concepts. In fact, did you know that all cooking and even the way our bodies utilize food is rooted in science? Edible science experiments for kids will help you explore everything from temperature and color to pH levels and acid-base reaction.

From astronaut ice cream sandwiches to make your own candy kits, we’ve got everything you need to go on a journey for the mind – and for the taste buds! Shop and save on these cool edible science projects today at Incredible Science.