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Electricity Experiments

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Fun Electricity Experiments


Add some spark to your next science activity. Get ready for a big power up with these fun-charged science toys.


Whether you're looking for fun a cool and fun electricity science toy, or want to delve into the science behind forces of electricity for your next science experiment, you'll find what you need here. Create your own electric airplane launcher, and explore all types of electrical currents. Have fun with the human energy circuit ball and energy stick and form a huge electric chain with your entire class to form one big energy circuit! Find other forms of powering objects with our green science line such as the Science Enviro Battery and don't forget about static electricity with the awesome Fun Fly Stick!


Take "charge" of your next science fair, and add a "spark" of excitement and "buzz" and you demonstrate these unique electricity projects and "power" your way to an awesome and "electrified fun" filled day!