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Optical illusion Science

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Optical illusions for kids are always a lot of fun. After all, what could be better than seeing the world from a different angle or perspective? If you want to expand the vision of your students with optical illusions, then be sure to check out the great selection of optical illusion toys and experiments at IncredibleScience.com!


From the classic Jacob’s Ladder toy to 3-D rainbow firework glasses, the selection of optical illusions for kids at Incredible Science never disappoints. Teach your children or students about the power of light and the color spectrum or explore reflection and refraction with these cool experiments and toys. There are just so many possibilities for learning and fun when you look at things in a different way – literally!

Shop and save on favorites like the Jacob’s ladder toy, kaleidoscopes, 3-D art projects, and more from our selection of optical illusion toys and experiments. Free gift with every purchase and free shipping on your order of $99 or more!