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Solar Energy

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Solar Energy Kits


We all know that the sun gives the Earth light and helps to warm the planet, but did you know that this amazing star could also be a source of energy? Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing areas of science and if you're interested in teaching your children or classroom about the powers of the sun, consider any of these solar science kits or solar energy experiments for kids.


Designed to demonstrate the principles (and really cool effects) of solar energy, our solar energy science kits are a must-have in any green classroom. Educate students on the potential to power our planet with the sun by trying out a Green Science solar energy science kit or one of our other solar energy experiments for kids. Want to demonstrate the principles of thermodynamic energy? A solar bag is one of our favorite solar energy experiments for kids to show how much power there lies in temperature.


Shop and save on solar science kits for your home or classroom at Incredible Science today.