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Water Polymers

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The science of polymers is really quite interesting. In fact, it's one those unique sciences where many different disciplines are combined. In polymer science, one might find experiments the incorporate concepts of engineering, physics, and chemistry. At Incredible Science, we make polymer science fun and accessible with home science experiments for kids.


From creating bouncing fruit to watching animals grow in water, our polymers for kids incorporate all of the best scientific concepts behind polymers. For example, with these home science experiments for kids, you can make creepy slime, glow-in-the-dark putty, jiggly jewels, and other ooey gooey sorts of creations. Polymer science for kids isn't just limited to the sticky and icky, though. There are plenty of other polymers for kids in our selection to show how water can make certain materials stretch and expand, like with our growing animals. Who knew polymer science for kids could be so fun?!


At IncredibleScience.com, our home science experiments are some of the best ways to teach polymer science for kids. Shop our selection today and save.