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Space Sand Neon Bucket - 5 lb.
Space Sand Neon Bucket - 5 lb.Space Sand Neon Bucket - 5 lb.Space Sand Neon Bucket - 5 lb.

Space Sand Neon Bucket - 5 lb.

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Neon Space Sand! Experience the miracle of Space Sand firsthand, as it will not get wet, defying reality as it emerges from ordinary water completely dry. Includes 5 hot neon colors: pink, orange, yellow, green and purple. Space Sand is great for sand and water tables and makes for hours of fun! Slick Sand will not get wet! It has hydrophobic properties so when you pour water on it, the water will stay on top and flow. Pour the sand into a container of water and you're free to shape and mold the sand under the water while it remains completely dry! Slick Sand is Safe and Non-Toxic.

 For smaller packets of Space Sand, check out our Space Sand packs.

What you'll get:

  • 5 pounds total! 1lb each of neon pink, orange, yellow, green and purple
  • Instructions and Information on Space Sand
  • Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Reuse over and over!


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Space Sand is normal sand that has been covered in a special coating: trimethylhydroxysilane, (CH3)3SiOH. It makes the sound "hydrophobic" which translates to "afraid of water" which means the sand and water won't mix. Just like oil and water won't mix, the slick sand won't mix with water. Pour some Slick Sand in water and have fun making underwater shapes. Stick a spoon down and scoop some sand out and you'll be amazed that it's perfectly dry! This will make for an interesting lesson on polymers and hydrophobic properties.
  • Gently pour some sand on top of water in a container. Do it slowly so that a layer of sand rests on top of the water.
  • 1) Stick your finger in slowly so that the sand protects your finger from the water even as you lower your finger into the water. When you remove your finger you'll notice your finger remains dry. Alternatively once you have that layer of sand resting on top of the water, use a pipete to slowly place droplets of water on top of the sand. You'll be amazed to see the water droplets resting on top of the sand. Att enough water droplets and the water will eventually break through the sand barrier.
  • If you want to remove the hydrophobic property of the sand, meaning you want to make it mix with the water, you can either mix the sand with oil or wash it in soapy water. This process will make the sand regular sand and you will not be able to reverse this process so be sure you want to change it forever before you mix it with oil or soapy water.
  • Observe the silvery layer between the sand and water. Discuss how Slick Sand has been used to help clean oil spills and has been used in promoting plant growth.
  • This sand is actually the closest thing to sand on Mars, It is very similar in terms of properties and color. It is used in NASA Mars Exploration Classroom Experiments.
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