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Test Tube Adventures - Lab in a Bag

Test Tube Adventures - Lab in a Bag

Item # lab-600
Reg. Price: $23.95

Our Price: $19.99


An award-winning member of the popular terrific "Test Tube” family, this kit is a collection of twenty amazing stand alone, easy science experiments, contained in 5 unbreakable test tubes. The test tubes can be used again and again after the experiments are done, and your kit contains a list of experiment ideas to get you started. Each test tube contains up to three cool activities and lots of science learning fun. The test tubes in this kit contain:

• Super Ball—(Make your own bouncy ball)

• Touchable Bubbles—(Create bubbles that don’t pop)

• Wonder Worms—(Make up to twenty feet of slimy, gooey, Insta-Worms)

• Magic Ink—(Write secret messages with disappearing ink)

• Kaleidagoo—(grow squishy jelly crystals, and use them to capture a rainbow in a tube)


What you'll get:

  • Super Ball
  • Touchable Bubbles
  • Magic Ink
  • Insta-Worms
  • Colored Crystals

 Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • With twenty amazing science activities in this kit, you'll have many science topics covered with these projects. Learning ideas ranging from polymers, to absorption, to chemical reaction and physical changes plus tons more are all targeted within these experiments.
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