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UFO Energy Circuit Ball
UFO Energy Circuit BallUFO Energy Circuit Ball

UFO Energy Circuit Ball

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This is a great hands-on science experiment to demonstrate open and closed circuits as well as conductivity & connectivity. This 1 1/2" ping-pong looking ball has two metal electrode strips on the bottom and when they are touched simultaneously, the ball flashes its red light and lets out a buzzing sound! Have fun by increasing the amount of people involved in this experiment. Use 1 , 10, 50, and even more people with this for an incredible science demonstration. Have one person touch one of the metal strips on the bottom of the ball, and while making a chain of people by holding hands, have the last person touch the second metal strip thereby completing the circuit. As long as everyone is holding hands, the ball will flash and generate sound!

For an even bigger demo check out our Energy Stick Light & Sound. 


What you'll get:


  • 1 UFO Energy Ball



Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Demonstrate open and closed circuits, conductivity and connectivity.
  • Explore good conductors of electricity and show how your body is a good conductor since electrons flow freely through it to activate the ball. Experiment and hypothesize with other items to determine if they are good conductors of electricity. Touch other items to the ball to see if it would light up.
  • See how big of a chain of people you can get to hold hands and still get the ball to light up. Have each person on the end of the chain touch one metal electrode to light it up.





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