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UV Solar Energy Experiments Beads Bracelet

UV Solar Energy Experiments Beads Bracelet

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Make a solar bead bracelet! Explore the science behind ultraviolet light with incredible white beads that change color in the sunlight! Uncover the hidden science of sunlight and experience the magic of solar power with this kit. As soon as sunlight hits these beads, they change from a plain white color into a colorful burst of rainbow beads! Take them indoors or just cover them up and they'll change back to white. Instructions include ideas for many cool experiments such as  "test your sunscreen", "make an energy bead mosaic", "energy bead bracelet",  and more! For a big bag, check out our Solar Energy Experiments Beads Bag . It's science fun in the sun!



 What you'll get:

  • 1 Bag of 30 Solar Energy Experiments Beads
  • 2 Rainbow cords
  • Instruction guide with science experiment activity ideas


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Learn about ultraviolet radiation and photochromatic dyes.
  • Discuss how to prevent dangerous UV rays and determine of your sunscreen is effective. Spread some sunscreen on the beads and if they change color then you know your sunscreen is ineffective.
  • Place some beads behind sunglasses lenses and see if they change color or if the lenses are protecting the harmful UV rays.
  • Hypothesize what will happen to the beads underwater or on a cloudy day.


WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

These beads are amazing experimental tools, and make a great start for open-ended scientific thinking and discovery. As such, they make a great basis for science fair experiments or anytime science learning. Encourage your scientist to think about the experiment results and to hypothesize and devise experiments of their own. The quick color change makes the kit ideal for exploration and discovery, and helps to make an otherwise invisible concept (the difference between different kinds of light) become real and accessible. Plus, you have to admit, that color-changing beads are just flat out cool. Maybe you can borrow the bracelet once the experimentation is through!

The energy that we call light is actually made of lots of different kinds of energy, and ranges from the energy that makes the microwave work to the energy that allows doctors to take X-rays of broken bones. Lots of these kinds of energy come from the sun and travel to earth. Some of this energy we can see (scientists call this kind of energy visible light) and some we can’t.

Among the kinds of light energy we can’t see is a type called ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light (sometimes called UV light) has a lot of energy (it’s what gives you a sunburn if you stay out in the sun too long.) Normally UV light is invisible to people, but with this kit you’ll have an amazing science tool that will help you to sense when UV light is present. The kit instructions offer experiment suggestions (try putting sunscreen on the beads. Do you think they will still change color when you go outside? ) But you can also think of your own experiments to try. Afterward, you can wear your energy beads as a bracelet. Have fun exploring!

Ages 8 and up

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